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About Ryslinge Efterskole

Ryslinge Efterskole is a special Danish boarding school for students who are between 14 and 18 years old.

Ryslinge Efterskole offers a 10th grade education and offers all subjects within the National curriculum in Danish as well as an exam in Cambridge IGCSE in English.

●     Efterskole & Cambridge IGCSE

●     Trips to worldwide destinations every year

●     Project based innovative learning

●     Choose 1 of 6 majors (i.e. Adventure, Music, Art & Design, Media Studies, Theatre and Science)

●     Optional subjects such as political studies, psychology, music, choir, dance, drama, film, sports, arts & crafts, and many more

Ryslinge Efterskole offers an International Class, which has an international focus. Apart from English all subjects are taught in Danish, which means basic Danish skills are required. Read more about International Class here.

Read more about the Danish “efterskole” here:

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